Frequently Asked Questions on Paediatric Dentistry and Preventative Care

Baby teeth needn't only be cared for and protected from cavities—they play a crucial role in the development of your child's jaw and the development of their secondary teeth. Our practices offers individualized care plans for each family. Commonly asked questions are:

When should we begin to brush baby teeth?
At roughly age three is when most toddlers will have all 20 teeth. However, it is important to begin caring for teeth as soon as the first one appears. You can clean sensitive teeth using a cotton swab or a finger-brush. If back teeth are already grown in, we recommend getting a special children’s toothbrush.
What can I do when my child is unmotivated to care for their teeth?
With a learning toothbrush you can help your child develop fundamental habits for dental care. At age three they may use an electric toothbrush under close supervision—children often find this more interesting than a “boring” hand toothbrush. To increase their motivation it may also help to get creative: sing a tooth-brushing song, play a favorite CD, make funny faces while brushing, or allow them to brush their teeth together with mum or dad. The family plays an important role in setting examples. Patience will also go a long way.
What can I do to prevent early childhood cavities (ECC)?
Children today have the luxury of using lightweight, plastic bottles which enables them to suckle for hours or fall asleep with their bottles in their mouths. However, this prolonged contact with the bottle should be avoided in order to prevent ECC, especially if their nourishment is sweetened. In the evenings or at night, it is recommended that you offer only water or unsweetened tea. The earlier your child learns to drink out of a glass, the better.
At what age should we begin visiting the dentist?
The earlier, the better. The sole focus of the first visit will be getting to know each other, feel the practice out, and start the child’s relationship with their dentist on the right foot.
How can I stop my child from being scared of the dentist’s office?
Tips for preventing dentist phobia are summarised here.
May we redeem school vouchers at your practice?
Gladly. Contact us as soon as you’ve received them.


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