Invisible braces

Invisible braces

You are dissatisfied with the position of your teeth, but do not want to wear the typical braces? We have the perfect solution for you. A series of clear aligners moves the teeth softly and in small increments until the desired position is reached.

In our practice we use two systems: The special elastic OrthoFolio® films and the new InvisalignGo aligners do not disturb you while talking and are not fixed. Being removable, they do not impede oral hygiene. The aligner trays are designed digitally and are suited to both young people and adults.

The InvisalignGo system is perfect for the correction of slight to moderate tooth malpositioning.

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More than 9 million patients all over the world have already been treated successfully with InvisalignGo. Did we spark your interest? Call us for a non-binding appointment.


Step 1: Counselling interview and diagnosis
As certified Invisalign practice we assess your smile and record your dental chart with a state-of-the-art 3D scanner. In addition, we’ll take pictures with a dedicated app to make you see the possible result in advance
As soon as you decide in favour of a treatment with InvisalignGo, we will prepare your personal digital treatment schedule and the custom-made clear aligner trays.

InvisalignGo-Behandlung InvisalignGo-Behandlung

Step 2: Procedure
When the treatment is confirmed, the aligners for the patient are prepared. Usually attachments (little plastic anchor points) must be placed on some teeth in order to assist the correct tooth movement. Each aligner then brings you closer to the desired end result.

The aligners must be worn 22 - 24 hours a day and may be taken off only for eating. In the beginning, they are worn for two weeks each, later for one week. There will be intermittent checks in the dental practice.

When the desired result is obtained, the new teeth position is fixed with a retainer. The treatment lasts between three and six months.

Our patients are enthusiastic about the results they achieved! We would be pleased to advise you.

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