Crowns and Bridges

High Quality Crowns and Bridges – As Good As The Real Thing

Crowns: The Perfect Replacement for Lost Substance

When conventional composite fillings are not an option due to insufficient tooth mass, crowns and partial crowns are available. These are the right accommodation for when the tooth is viable but cannot be restored by a filling. A crown can be thought of as a cap on top of the tooth that resembles a real tooth. When implemented properly, a crown is indistinguishable from a real tooth.

This cap covers the top of the tooth completely in order to protect a tooth weakened by a root canal or a large filling when chewing or biting. In contrast, partial crowns are only implanted to add stability to weakened teeth.

The implementation of a crown involves multiple steps: First, the affected tooth must be in the right position to make enough room for the crown. Next, a tooth imprint is taken, which is accurate down to the millimetre. This is then given to a dental technician so they can create an exact and aesthetically-perfect crown. This level of precision requires a few days' time.

While the crown is being created, the affected tooth is fitted with a temporary crown, produced here in the dental practice. Before the crown is put in place, there is at least one follow-up fitting to ensure correct form, fit, height, and colour. Finally, once the patient is satisfied with the replica and it is shown to be a perfect fit, the crown is installed over the tooth.

Bridges: Stabilising Remaining Teeth and Ensuring Functionality

Bridges are made out of an abutment tooth and an anchoring tooth. They are used to fill a gap resulting from a missing tooth when an implant of the pivot tooth is not possible for medical or financial reasons. Similar to the procedure for crowns, the bridge tooth must be prepared and imprinted in order to create a customized solution. The dental technician will then create a framework that goes onto two or more abutment teeth. At least one to two follow-up visits are necessary before implementation to ensure that the bridge is a good, stable fit for the patient.

A variety of substances including metals, ceramics, and galvano-ceramics may be used to create the bridge or crown, which differ in price and stability. Together we help our patients find the right material for the job that fits your budget and your teeth.


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