The path to fresh breath – eliminating chronic halitosis

There is a well-known problem but it is often impolite to mention it, namely bad breath. Certainly no one will mention the obtrusive bad breath to the offending party. As a result bad breath is often only noticeable to surrounding individuals, and not to the person who is the source of the problem. There is no reason to be ashamed of bad breath, but there are good reasons to find a remedy.

Chronic bad breath (halitosis) is quite unpleasant – just as bad for the person with it as for their nearby colleagues. In serious cases it can lead to psychological stress. It doesn't have to come to that: a dentist can normally diagnose the source of bad breath and treat it accordingly. Most of the time bacterial build-up is the catalyst.

Professional dental cleaning and dental hygiene

In 90% of cases the cause of bad breath is to be found in the oral cavity (and not, as often rumoured, in the stomach or gut). The most common causes for chronic bad breath are: lack of oral hygiene, periodontitis, cavities, defective fillings, poorly-seated tooth replacements, and polyps.

The most effective prophylactic against bad breath is professional dental cleaning. This works hand in hand with oral hygiene instruction specifically for you for dental care at home. During such a consultation, we analyse your daily dental regiment and how it can be improved. In combination with a dental check-up, the most common causes of chronic bad breath can be identified and eliminated.


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