Periodontitis and gingivitis – prevention and treatment

Periodontitis, the destruction of the periodontium, is often called "gum disease". The periodontium is made up of the gums (gingiva), jawbone (alveolar bone), and connective tissue. These help by surrounding the tooth, protecting it, and holding it in the jaw. Should the periodontium become diseased or damaged, it can lead to tooth loss. The pattern of disease for a chronic inflammation of the periodontium starts with initial bleeding of the gums, pain in gingival pockets (spaces between tooth and gum) and bad breath, and can end in loss of the tooth.

The cause of this disease is bacterial plaque that forms as scale and build-up on the tooth surface. The bacteria populate the root surface and slowly move towards the root tip. Other causes of periodontitis are incorrect or over-loading of the tooth, weakness of the immune system, or a genetic predisposition (susceptibility).

Multi-stage individual care

It is our goal to safeguard the health of the periodontium, recognize early signs of disease, and restore it to health in order to prevent the loss of teeth. The specific treatment of the gums is decided depending on the state of the disease exhibited by the individual.

Fundamental education in oral hygiene and the mechanical removal of build-up and scale on the teeth during a professional dental cleaning is the best treatment for simple inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). If the complete periodontium is under bacterial attack, then a multi-stage treatment is necessary. In such cases the gingival pockets and root surfaces must be cleaned and smoothed. Teeth too damaged to be kept must be removed. In cases of severe periodontitis with multiple, deep pockets surgical intervention may be necessary in order to reduce the size of the pockets and to remove further scale and inflamed tissue.

Your body will thank you for caring for your gums. The teeth and the entire periodontium are closely connected with the health of organs and affect general well-being. Periodontitis can influence several different illnesses, including heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and more. Several studies also suggest that periodontal health can also contribute to premature birth in pregnant women.

In any case prevention is the best treatment. To prevent such severe cases, a regular visit with the prophylaxis team and the dentist is very important. Gingivitis, periodontitis, and cavities can also be prevented this way.


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