Implants – As Beautiful and Functional As Your Own Teeth

Implant solutions are the gold standard for treating diastema. The synthetic, biocompatible tooth roots ensure that the replacement tooth, or supraconstruction, has a firm, natural fit. When cared for properly, it will allow you to bite and smile as if it were your own tooth for years to come.

The implantation consists of four parts: a highly robust titanium screw, a post for the implant, a connection piece for fixing the crown to the implant, and the tooth crown, or supraconstruction. After a healing period lasting for a few months, the crown can be screwed into place.

Implants are comparable to natural teeth in terms of both functionality and aesthetics – they look and work just like natural teeth. Many people with implants find that they can chew and bite more powerfully than with dentures and in many cases chew more easily. Their ability to form expressions and speech remains unchanged, if not improved, compared to other methods of tooth replacement. Another, more substantial advantage of implants: they prevent the degeneration of jaw bones that is typical of other types of tooth replacements, such as prostheses and bridges. Even the neighboring teeth remain unaffected – plus the implant is never prone to cavities. Synthetic tooth roots (implants) can also be used to add stability to removable prostheses or a permanently anchored bridge.

Dental Benefits for All Ages

Replacing teeth by way of dental implantation is an option for care when the nature of the missing tooth only allowed the choice of a removable implant or when this removable implant or a prosthetic would involve functionality problems. They therefore prevent the remaining healthy, natural teeth from becoming damaged and do not require removal of existing crowns or special fillings from those teeth.

Thanks to modern day procedures, implants now provide a sensible solution to patients of all ages. Procedures exist even for patients where the jaw bone has insufficient mass and must be regrown or supplemented with bone substitute. Even crowded sinuses rarely impede implantation – in these cases the sinus can be gently lifted so that implants can be firmly and sufficiently anchored.

More information on implants can be found at: [PDF]


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