Treatment Under Laughing Gas | General Anaesthesia

Small Patients with Dental Phobias: Treatments with Laughing Gas or Full Anaesthesia

Laughing gas – or for children „enchanted air" – is a sedative that is safe to use on small patients to induce a state of relaxation during dental procedures. Perceptions of time may change and feelings of lightness and pleasant thoughts will occupy the patient. This non-toxic mixture of nitrogen and oxygen is inhaled through the nose and the effect is felt almost immediately after being administered. It will wear off shortly after our procedures are complete, and your child will leave our practice free of side effects. During sedation your child will remain conscious and will be able to speak with you. More information on this method of treatment can be found here.

In cases where longer, more complicated procedures are necessary, such as addressing cavities, or when the child refuses to co-operate and becomes hostile to treatment, or if the child displays extraordinary fear of a procedure, then general anaesthesia will be discussed to supplement the treatment. Administration of the anaesthesia will be done by an external, experienced anaethesiologist.

More information on general anaesthesia for children can be found here.

At our family dental practice in Baar we understand that more complicated cases may require other methods to get these little treasures to cooperate. The most important aspect will always be the well-being of your child. We are happy to advise parents on all costs and options to ensure the best possible treatment.


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