Tooth Discolouration

Clean, White Teeth – Gently Restoring Discolourations

Scaling and Discolourations of the teeth aren't merely a cosmetic problem—they can also be responsible for a number of ailments. Cavities and inflammation of the gums (Gingivitis) are just two examples. It is now possible to remove these imperfections using a modern air-powder polishing technique.

Dental cleaning using the Air-Flow® system is the best method on the market for gently and effectively improving tooth aesthetics. Difficult-to-remove stains such as those from coffee, tea, medications, or nicotine are removed effortlessly and won't cause any pain. Sensitive tissues are carefully preserved in the process.

Air-Polish Your Way To A Brighter Smile

By carefully removing the build-up of biofilms on the teeth, inflammation resulting from peri-implantitis is reduced and reduction in bone mass is prevented. Air-polishing is the recommended method for patients suffering from peri-implantitis (Inflammation of the implant bed that can lead to loss of the implant) and periodontitis (gum disease). In doing so the depth of periodontal pockets is reduced.

We want to see you smile. No one should have to avoid smiling and laughing to hide discoloured teeth. Other methods, such as bleaching or veneers, can offer relief as well. Contact us for a complete consultation.


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