Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Gentle and anxiety-free wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth are the "unloved" last row of molars. And for good reason - the so-called "eights" often cause oral problems. The most common complications are inflammation of the gums around the wisdom teeth (this can lead to the formation of abscesses, painful pus-filled pockets), the shifting of other teeth, halitosis, swelling, difficulty swallowing, cavities on front teeth, and cysts.

It wasn't that long ago when wisdom teeth were removed as soon as possible to prevent such complications. Today a careful risk assessment has replaced such an approach.

Detailed survey of the situation

Wisdom teeth that develop normally and integrate well with the other teeth do not need to be removed. Wisdom teeth erupt usually between the ages of 17 and 25. Often wisdom teeth can become stuck in the jawbone (retention) or erupt only partially (partial retention). If these large molars, found in the back row of the mouth, cannot erupt because of lack of space in the jaw, deep pockets can develop around the teeth. These can be difficult to clean and can become inflamed. In this case, and also in the case of cavity-damaged wisdom teeth, they should be extracted.

Whether wisdom teeth should be removed for precautionary reasons can be determined by examination and x-ray images.

Wisdom tooth removal is performed while the patient is under local anaesthesia. If you wish, nitrous oxide or general anaesthesia can be used during the procedure. In especially complex cases we will refer you to an experienced and competent oral surgeon we trust.


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