General Anaesthesia

General anaesthesia: Treatment while under – for anxious patients and children as well

You have the option with us of sleeping through your treatment stress-free. As a rule, general anaesthesia is used on patients with a strong gag reflex, patients with a fear of dental work, children that require a lot of dental work, or patients with physical or mental handicaps (with approval of their physician). Lengthy operations and dental restoration are also good reasons for a patient to request general anaesthesia.

Our patients are attended to by an external, competent team of anaesthesiologists with many years of experience before, during and after the procedure. The complications and risks associated with treatment while under general anaesthesia will be explained during a private meeting with the anaesthesiologists. Usually patients can leave the practice under supervision an hour after the treatment.

Everyone can be treated while under general anaesthesia, from junior to senior. The requirements for general anaesthesia are based on the patient's health condition and their co-operation. If you wish for more information, please contact us for a consultation in our family dental practice in the heart of Baar.


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