Mouth Guards

Wearing a mouth guard – reduce the risk of injury

Dental accidents or broken teeth from competitive sports are unfortunately not uncommon. Teeth and jaws can be injured by a bat, ball, piece of sports equipment, or unintended bodily contact. This is the case with roughly 35% of the children and young adults who experience such a mishap. Helmet and knee-pads are often standard equipment, but the mouth guard remains too seldom thought of.

Special mouth guards made in a lab offer the optimal amount of dental protection – specifically made for the risk factors of the particular sport played and for the individual's jaw structure. Unlike mass-produced loose-sitting mouth guards, individual "Playsafe-Systems" are custom made for the teeth of the athlete. The "Playsafe-System" comes in 3 variations: heavy pro, medium, and light:

The 3-layer Playsafe heavy pro is recommended for ice hockey, squash, rollerblading, karate, field hockey, polo, kick boxing, and rugby.
The 2-layer Playsafe medium protects your teeth during boxing, basketball, judo, horseback riding, water polo, biking, football, wrestling, handball, and motocross.
Playsafe light is designed for sports that don't typically involve hard hits to the jaw area.

The mouth guard fits snugly and perfectly over the teeth and allows the user to breathe freely. After getting used to wearing the mouth guard, speaking clearly is also no problem. Please contact us regarding mouth guards for yourself and those of your children.


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