Tooth Jewellery

Tooth Jewellery: Your Smile With a Note of Luxury

If you're looking for that "special something", if you prefer a more daring lifestyle, put your best smile on with a dental diamond. High-quality, crystal-clear stones will make you shine from all angles!

Before the small crystal is applied we will polish the tooth surface to remove any unsightly discolourations and make the backdrop for your jewel shine. The tiny stone is then affixed using a liquid adhesive that is individually matched to your tooth colour.

This will not affect the tooth enamel. Your smile is after all more valuable than the decoration. Your tooth will remain unaltered if professionally applied and better yet—the application won't hurt a bit.

Should you start to dislike your new accessory and wish to remove or change it, the stone can be removed easily and without damaging the tooth. Call us to discuss your wishes.


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