Veneers – Unmatched Aesthetics and Optimization of Tooth Shape, Colour and Functionality

A beautiful sparkling smile and white teeth like you imagined - Ceramic veneers make it possible to easily alter the shape and colour of your teeth. Our veneers are ultra-thin, transparent shells that are affixed to the dentine and enamel of your teeth using a special glue.

  • Veneers are great for:
  • Optimising tooth colours resulting from heavy discolouration or dental trauma
  • Correcting minor defects resulting from gap teeth or surface imperfections
  • Improving tooth shapes such as chipped teeth or irregular tooth edges
  • They can even help to correct receding gums and large fillings!

Highly Compatible and Durable

Veneers are made of high-quality biocompatible ceramic that is very similar to tooth structure. They are minimally invasive, highly durable, resist discolouration, and are extremely stable despite being very thin (0.4 - 0.8mm). As a means of aesthetic tooth restoration they offer unparalleled results, also in terms of functionality. The affected tooth (typically one or more front teeth) must be very lightly ground, if at all, so that barely any dentine is lost.

In developing your personal plan for veneers it is important that the patient, the dentist, and the dental technician all work very closely with one another. This helps ensure that the patient receives the best possible results. It is also possible to have temporary veneers applied so that the patient can easily imagine how their real veneers will look when implemented.

To learn more, talk to us about which type of veneers might be right for you. Together we can find something to fit your budget and renew your smile.


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